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Please find below how our unique process of business lead generation works.

How Leads generated?

Our website had made a survey in last 6 months all over the territory of maldives to differentiate the interest of people and their shopping interests. We found a wide level of shopping and service sector usage exists in the maldives business economy. These data were segregated and then fine tuned to set different set of subscriber levels. Now we hold 10k+ potential subscribers and the number is growing much fast. We are moving door to door , checking the product sales, service sales etc to get maximum information out of it.

Each Business Data we get will be passed to these series of potential customers who are found having shown their interest in the corresponding sector. Thus this curated strategy will help people find the needed Business and Business find needed people.

Door to Door Sales Push

Our Sales team will work around the city and reach out to people door to door , face to face to let them get the info about the business. This will help business data reaches to the ground levels.

Barcode Snippets

Barcode Snippets will be provided to the business owners that they can stick it anywhere in there shop, public advertisement areas etc. On scanning it will take to the detailed pages of the business inside helomaldives portal.

Mobile Friendly

Our portal is so mobile friendly that the customers can hangout with it in the mobile phones, ipad and small screens and get the most out of the data and service.

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